AIA Guide to Flint Architecture

AIA Guide to Flint Architecture

Flint Arch Guide #14Spring has arrived in Flint, Michigan! It’s time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful architecture our city has to offer. It’s an easy walk from our office,  Sedgwick & Ferweda Architects, to the city’s most prominent buildings.

One of the best ways we enjoy the nearby architecture is the AIA Guide to Flint Architecture. The guide features thirty of the city’s finest architecture including residential, civic, and commercial. The guide  spans over a century of architecture, late 19th to the early 21st centuries.

The AIA Guide to Flint Architecture gives a brief history and states the architectural significance of the buildings featured. The first page includes a welcome address from the AIA Guide to Flint Architecture Committee Chair:Flint Arch Guide #3

 Welcome to Flint…

Flint is similar to many other northern cities, where a community developed because of its proximity to natural resources. Flint was born around the river, with its shallow crossing and along a trail formed by Native Americans centuries ago. Yet Flint is unique because it has seen several industries come and go throughout its history, and still it survives. First, there was lumbering, then carriage manufacturing and finally, the automobile industry. The city that was the birthplace of General Motors has experienced triumph and tragedy, perhaps as no other city has. But like other cities, Flint’s architecture is a portal to its own unique identity.

Flint Arch Guide #17Our built environment is more than a shelter or convenience. Our buildings become “placemakers” in the human experience of daily life. They can alert us when to turn a corner or identify where we are in the world. Architecture is a powerful force in both our conscience and sub-conscience. It manipulates our senses to excite, inspire, intimidate or comfort and console us. Architecture affects every aspect of our daily life and in doing so, it becomes so much a part of our daily routine that we are oblivious to it.

It is the hope of the AIA Flint that this guide will heighten the awareness of Flint’s built environment for resident and visitor alike. As AIA members and design professionals, we know that design matters and that good design can and will bring about more livable communities for all.

Flint Arch Guide #26Of the 30 buildings featured some of our favorites, within walking distance of our offices, include:

Capitol Theater  I  140 E. Second Street (#3)

Flint City Hall  I  111 S. Saginaw Street (#14)

Halo Burger and Vernors Mural  I  800 S. Saginaw Street (#17)

Paterson House  I  307 E. Third Street (#26)

AIA Guide to Flint Architecture